• F45 Training
    Strength Training

    F45 Training

    139 W. 1st St. Unit E, Tustin


    Instructor and all the helpers were so nice. They were very encouraging throughout the workout. Even other people attending were really welcoming. Workout was challenging and instructors were constantly walking around making sure we were doing the exercises correctly. Amazing experience!!
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    F45 Training is a revolutionary fitness program that combines cutting-edge technology…
  • EVOLV Fitness
    Strength Training

    EVOLV Fitness

    13931 Carroll Way, Tustin
    Safety guidelines

    PULL (Back & Biceps)

    Loved it! Everyone is super friendly and willing to help out. Im fairly new and had no clue what I was doing so it was nice that people were trying to let me know how to do a work out! 🏋️‍♀️ will come here again
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • Off The Grid Fit
    Strength Training, Boxing

    Off The Grid Fit

    1253 South Wright Street, Santa Ana

    Strength Class

    Challenging circuit workout in a no-frills gym that will KICK YOUR BUTT! Great energy, great music, easy to follow instructions. Allen will go around to assist everyone, correct form, add weights etc. You’ll get plenty of attention. Love the members, definitely a judgement free zone! Bring your own water & towel, come a little early if it’s your first time, was a little hard to find.
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    Here at OTG Fitness we design innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are…

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